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The attorneys at Taupeka Law, LLC are experienced trial and appellate lawyers.  We are admitted to practice in all state and federal, trial and appellate courts in Alabama, with particularly extensive experience in the Circuit and District Courts of Baldwin County.  Our lawyers also represent clients in trial in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Mobile.  If a dispute involves an estate matter, we try cases in probate court as well.  The firm represents clients at trial before both judges and juries.  We also represent clients in alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediation and arbitration.  Our objective is to zealously advocate for our clients with a goal of achieving the best possible outcome.  Many cases settle outside of the courtroom, but many cases go to trial as well.  Our attorneys help our clients evaluate their legal positions, both strengths and weaknesses, and we partner with our clients to plan and implement an optimal strategy for success, whether at the negotiating table or in the courtroom.

The attorneys at Taupeka Law, LLC are experienced in mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.  We represent our clients in mediation at the pre- and post- dispute levels, pre- and post- trial, and at all appellate levels.  Our lawyers zealously advocate our clients’ positions at mediation and partner with them to conduct cost/benefit and risk/reward analyses of settlement versus litigation, or arbitration as the case may be.  In addition, our lawyers provide mediation and arbitration services to parties represented by other counsel by assisting them in resolving disputes outside of court.  Being trial lawyers ourselves, we are able to evaluate opposing parties’ positions, facilitate compromise and avoid the uncertainties of litigation, or arbitration as the case may be.

The attorneys at Taupeka Law, LLC are experienced transaction lawyers.  Whether our clients are buying or selling property or a business, corporation or other entity, we have extensive experience in drafting purchase and sale agreements; resolutions and other corporate governance documents; and deeds, bills of sale and other conveyance documents.  We also assist our clients in conducting due diligence and coordinating with other service providers such as architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors and insurance agents, including title.  We help our clients in every facet of the deal, from opportunity identification, to negotiation, meeting of the minds and finally closing.

The attorneys at Taupeka Law, LLC are experienced real estate lawyers.  We have represented countless clients before municipal planning and zoning commissions, as well as city councils.  We help our clients navigate the intricate process of land use and development, from permit application to final plat approval and all stages in between.  We assist our clients in obtaining conditional use permits, zoning variances, property re-zonings and planned unit development designations.  We work with our clients in coordinating with other service providers such as architects, engineers, surveyors and contractors.  In the event our client’s application for land use or development is denied, we represent our client in exhausting administrative remedies, and if necessary, in the courtroom.  We have obtained relief at the administrative and judicial levels for our clients.  When it comes to document preparation, we have done it all: all manner of deeds, mortgages, easements, releases, etc.

Attorney Mark Taupeka, founding member of Taupeka Law, LLC, provides closing, settlement, escrow and title services for real estate closings, residential and commercial, cash and financed, through an affiliated company Orange Beach Title, LLC, a licensed agent of Westcor Land Title Insurance Company.  Services provided by Orange Beach Title, LLC include real estate closings, loan closings (including re-financings), settlement and escrow services, as well as the issuance of owners’ and lenders’ title insurance policies for residential and commercial real property.  For more information, please go to

The attorneys at Taupeka Law, LLC are experienced business lawyers.  We have helped clients form innumerable business entities including corporations and limited liability companies.  We have extensive experience drafting articles of incorporation, bylaws, certificates of formation, operating agreements; shareholder, director, member and manager resolutions; and all manner of corporate governance documents.  We help to ensure that our clients’ businesses are properly qualified, registered and licensed with state and local governments, and we can assist our clients in their dealings with federal, state and local taxing authorities.  We also advise our clients regarding capitalization, financing and other start-up or growth issues; and if needed, termination, liquidation, dissolution and winding-up of affairs.  We represent our clients in negotiating and consummating all manner of agreements, including those with shareholders, members, investors, lenders, vendors, customers, debtors, creditors and government agencies.

The attorneys at Taupeka Law, LLC are experienced estate lawyers.  Our lawyers have extensive experience in end-of-life and inter vivos (during life) planning for our clients.  We prepare wills, codicils, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare proxies, etc.  We assist our clients in the administration of decedents’ estates in probate court.  In the event of a will contest or other dispute, we can represent our clients in probate court, and in the event of appeal, the trial and appellate courts of Alabama.


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